Media Coverage

Save $500 and go to college. CBS Money Watch (by Lynn O’Shaughnessy)

The New Money Math: Start Saving at Birth. Time (By Dan Kadlec)

New savings plan could help student debt (July 18, 2013). San Antonio Express-News (by Jennifer R. Lloyd)

Birth-to-college savings accounts could ease college debt crisis (July 28, 2013) Kansas City Star (by Mara Rose Williams)

Student loans are not the answer. (By William Elliott III)

Report seeks to shift the financial-aid conversation from loans to savings. The Chronicle of Higher Education (by Casey McDermott)

Study suggests going back to basics: Saving to fund education. Diverse Issues in Higher Education (by Jamaal Abdul-Alim)

Early saving for college can improve student success, report shows. Education Week  (blog by Caralee Adams)

The power of savings to transform educational outcomes. CFED (blog by Alicia Atkinson)

Parents unwilling to face reality or saving for college. Las Vegas Review Journal (by Brian Sodoma)

Mandatory college savings would ease student debt, study says. Financial Advisor (Ted Knutson, July 15, 2013)

AEDI would like to point out that the report does not suggest mandatory college   savings. Instead the report suggests opt-out. In opt-out programs everyone is automatically enrolled but they have the option to say they do not want to be in the program.

Researcher’s proposal touts savings accounts to ease student debt crisis. (By Mike Krings)

How turning away from student loans could increase access to college. Think Progress (blog by Kirsten Gibson, July 16, 2013)

This Week in Poverty: Confronting Congressional Hunger Games. The Nation. (Greg Kaufmann)

Aspirations Versus Assets in Children’s Savings Accounts. (By Ben Miller)


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